Starch Binder / Briquette Binder

Briquette Binder

Our briquette binder is starch based binder intentionally developed to be used in charcoal, coal, coke, and biomass briquette manufacturing. Starch Binder / Briquette Binder forms an adhesive bond around the briquette particles to bind the particles together and to increase the strength of briquettes. Our made briquette binder easily mix with all the raw materials of briquette and does not cause smoke or foul smelling or corrosive gases. Our briquette binder is ash and sulfur free so finished briquette is environmental friendly and helps the briquette to burn steadily for longer hours.


briquette binder manufacturer
  • Drop test passed at high height dropping.
  • Good mechanical strength and durability.
  • Due to high strength maintain the briquette quality at the production stage and also during transport and storage.
  • Starch Binder / Briquette Binder helps to hold the briquette together satisfactorily in the fire.
  • Briquettes made from our binder produce a hot, long-lasting, virtually smokeless fire.
  • Starch Binder / Briquette Binder is clean burning binder and does not increase ash content.
  • Our binder is not effect to briquette in burning capability / Gross calorific value (GCV).
  • Starch Binder / Briquette Binder helps to reduce the breakage and fines.