Paper Tube Gum

Paper Tube Gum

Paper tube gum powder is specially developed for paper-to-paper laminations. This gum contains superior quality and high bonding capacity. Paper Tube Gum is specially treated and formulated by various additives. Paper Tube Gum forms homogeneous paste or solution when mixed with cold water due to it is completely soluble in cold water. We can provide adhesives exactly according to the customer's requirement and preference. We have adhesives designed to meet the online requirements of spiral and convolute wound cores.


Paper Tube Gum
  • Paper Tube Gum improves compression and mechanical strength.
  • Spread ability of gum is even and faster.
  • Instant drying feature is favorable in rainy season also.
  • No diverse effect on printed paper.
  • Paper Tube Gum is very suitable for auto laminator.
  • Longer shelf life.


Our paper tube gum powder is completely cold water soluble. Consumption is depends on what strength and how thick paste user require. Paper Tube Gum ratio may however be changed to ensure viscosity depending on the GSM, quality of paper. Our paper tube gum normally clients using in ratio of 1:2 to 1:4.